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Beer On Tap

Our own beer, made in the tradition of a clean, crisp & clear Aussie draught - and exclusive to us! (4.0%) pot 10.00 / schooner 8.00 / pint 10.00

GREAT NORTHERN SUPER CRISP (3.5%) pot 6.50 / schooner 9.00 / pint 12.00

CARLTON DRAUGHT (4.6%) pot 7.00 / schooner 9.50 / pint 12.50

CARLTON DRY (4.5%) pot 7.00 / schooner 9.50 / pint 12.50

MONTEITH'S NEW ZEALAND PALE ALE (5.0%) pot 7.50 / schooner 10.50 / pint 13.00

GREAT NORTHERN GINGER BEER (4.0%) pot 8.00 / schooner 11.50 / pint 14.50

GUINNESS EXTRA STOUT (4.2%) pot 8.00 / schooner 11.50 / pint 14.50



Great Northern Zero (0.0%) 7.50
Asahi Super Dry Zero (0.0%) 8.00
Cascade Light (2.4%) 8.00
Peroni Mid Strength (3.5%) 8.50

Great Northern Original 8.00
Victoria Bitter 8.50
Melbourne Bitter 8.50
Pure Blonde Low Carb 9.00
Crown Lager 9.50
Corona Extra 8.50
Asahi Super Dry 9.50
Peroni Nastro Azzurro 9.50

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale 11.50

Balter Varieties 11.50
Hahn Gluten Free 10.50
Abbotsford Invalid Stout 11.50



Daylesford Cider Non Alcoholic Sparkling Apple 7.50
Daylesford Cider Cloudy Farmhouse Apple 10.50
Monteiths NZ Crushed Apple 9.50
Mr. Little Mornington Peninsula Pear or Apple (vg & gf) 11.50
Rekordelig Swedish Ciders (vg & gf) 11.50



CC & Dry / CC & Coke / CC & Soda 11.50
Jim Beam & Cola / Jack Daniels & Cola 11.50
Billsons Varieties 11.50
Suntory Minus 196 Varieties / Hard Rated Solo 11.50
Jameson Dry & Lime / Jameson Ginger & Lime 12.50

A 15% surcharge applies to all public holidays


Whilst we try to ensure that we 'tick all the boxes' for our tap beers, nothing beats discovering a great local brew on tap. We have been producing our very own Baykers Brew for almost six years, and we are more than happy to say it is our second best selling beer (behind Carlton Draught of course!). Baykers Brew is a traditional, crisp, clean, and clear lager, made in the tradition of a great country pub beer. Not too heavy (just 4% alcohol), and best served nice'n cold by tap. At just $10 a pint, no wonder it is our locals' second favourite!

"Baykers Brew" Our Own Beer Since 2018


The Original Guinness Draught is now on tap at Hotel Trentham... and its everything it promises to be. Every time.
It's taken us a few months to get it all installed, and given how good it tastes, it was certainly worth it. A dedicated Guinness tap line, running from a dedicated nitrogen system in our cellar directly under the tap, chilled perfectly thru it's own glycol system, set at at minus 2 degrees. Very special indeed.
Our Guinness kegs are delivered fresh weekly, and the pour is perfect. So next time you're at Hotel Trentham and someone looks at you and says “Pint?”, point to our Guinness tap instead.
It’s rich, it’s creamy, it's certainly not gassy, and it’s pitch black. Well actually, if you look closely, Guinness is ruby red in colour, but that's not the point!
Available in pots, schooners, and pints. A truly wonderful beer.

"Guinness Draught" Now On Tap